6K RED Komodo Impressions: The Mini Cine Camera!


This entire video was 100% shot on Komodo 👀

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  1. I don't plan on buying most things on this channel because, well… in phones, I require an easily unlocked bootloader, removable battery, screen with no rounded edges, and as much modularity, free/open source, and right to repair as possible, and these features are pretty rare in phones these days. I might actually buy one of these cameras, though, someday, as I find more and more often that my old phone camera struggles to capture many beautiful moments and a camera with great dynamic range, output image quality, and flexibility in aspect ratios could really help with that.

  2. Nowadays Samsung makes smartphones that can record way better videos. Why people buy these professional things!!!!
    Some day later we'll see this camera vs note 25.

  3. Hey can you make a video comparison of sony A1 8k footage and the red 8k footage. (not sure which red camera model has it)
    I am curious to see how they both compare and is the sony 8k really that good or its just a marketing gimmick.

  4. There are some things that are important in a camera for YouTube content creation, and there some things that are unimportant.

    – Dynamic range, especially if you tend to shoot in uncontrolled lighting conditions
    – Reliable autofocus, especially if you are filming yourself
    – Quick, easy workflows and menus so you can pump out lots of videos
    – Good color rendition so you don't have to spend much time color grading
    – Image stabilization for run-and-gun situations…get out of your studio and shoot in interesting places!

    And then there are some things that are nice but not all that important.
    – Any resolution above 4K…even a good 1080p camera can look good exported to 4K…check out Matti Happoja's video with some 720p footage mixed in.
    – The Best Possible Image Quality
    – The Highest Possible Bit Rate

    I think that makes the Sony a7S III a damn near perfect YouTube camera that can also be used in higher-end filmmaking.

    If you're filming YouTube videos on a Red camera, you're just showing off without a lot of real benefit.

    YouTube should be a great equalizer in terms of gear.

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