$500 vs $50,000 EXTREME Gaming Setup!

Can a $500 Gaming Setup beat a $50,000 Gaming Setup? Huge shoutout to @Vikkstar123 for teaching us all his secrets 😎

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  1. Never ever i found any boring video from mr.boss, cuz whatever the topic he makes videos on, the script, direction and editing collectively make the video so engaing, entertaining and informative that these 14 or 30mins videos doesn't feel boring at all in these days of 15 secs shorts.
    Man, just keep it up cuz not exaggerated, i always saw this channel as the best tech channel, like a proper tech channel.
    Much Love from Pakistan.

  2. You actually look for minimum requirements because they put higher specs than the actual minimum
    Game requires gt1030 have gt525m about 6x weaker
    Game runs on high 80 fps

  3. Hey! im the guy who sold you the monitor hahaha
    sorry about the description but thanks again for helping me get rid of my old stuff

  4. Wired gaming mice arent better nowadays, technology advanced so much that its practically the same latency as a wireless one. So Wireless mice all the way

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