4 Ways AI Can Save Microsoft!

Hear me out. AI Clippy.



  1. AI clippy cannot be called clippy. It would have to be rebranded because clippy was annoying. A paper clip is also pretty detached from the abilities of an assistant that can help you write.

  2. This was written how a journalist writes articles about subjects that are far too complex for the average person to understand otherwise. I’m not saying it’s a bad investment by MSFT, but I am suggesting it’ll take every single cent to implement the scope you’re implying. These are completely different AI technologies requiring diverse arrangements of systems, all reliant on *good data*, which doesn’t exist in the necessary quantities either. It’s a moonshot for sure.

  3. Only one problem with this is the cost of AI right now. This will drive the price of office 365 up to cover that extra cost. Hopefully over time they can get the costs down associated with AI and big data.

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