22 NIGHTMARE Tech FAILS they want us to forget.


22 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Xbox, Nintendo, Sony, GoPro, Blockbuster and much more 😈 To see previous episodes of Tech fails:

0:00 Fail 22
0:45 Fail 21
1:38 Fail 20
2:40 Fail 19
3:44 Fail 18
5:18 Fail 17
6:52 Fail 16
8:27 Fail 15
9:56 Fail 14
11:29 Fail 13
13:39 Fail 12
15:38 Fail 11
16:52 Fail 10
18:48 Fail 9
20:13 Fail 8
22:40 Fail 7
24:38 Fail 6
26:14 Fail 5
27:38 Fail 4
28:54 Fail 3
30:23 Fail 2
32:59 Fail 1

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  1. Whilst I agree NHS Test and Trace is a huge fail, you've mixed up quite a lot- or at least the video didn't seem clear. Though neither has our government's response.

    The app isn't actually tied to the NHS Test and Trace scheme as a whole- At least, not this version. They originally tried to make it work with it, to allow then to locate where everyone was, and who was reporting the test. They later gave up and used Google and Apples method, which means they don't see the info. Getting pinged by the app has no legal standing as a result, and meant more money down the drain.

    Those QR codes? Yeah. They don't cause you to self isolate. They're only used as indications of spread.

  2. I still think the 3DS murdered the PSP in cold blood. The 3DS had Nintendo exclusives Came with an SD that could be easily upgraded. And the final nail in its coffin is that it had Pokémon. You know the top selling portable game series in the world. That being said the Vita had a good library with persona 4 Golden and danganronpa 1 and 2 being standout titles. But in the end it just couldn't keep up. Good news is their quite expensive second hand so if you have one lying around it's now a collectors item.

  3. I wouldn't say Sony learned it's lesson by saying look at the ps5 lol….they are literally in the same situation now with their insanely expensive storage ordeal

  4. You just remmembered me about onLive I used to play it a few years ago and had no idea how it worked i was just enjoying playing games on my low end laptop….

  5. I remember when my family had a 3D tv and we rarely used the 3D we just used it as a normal tv and idk if the glasses were expensive or not cause I was really young and can’t really remember but I don’t think it was cause we didn’t have much money then

  6. If one could say one good thing the pandemic did, it revealed for all the world to see the absolute ineptitude of all global governments in all its glory. From the world's wealthiest countries to piss poor 3rd world countries they ALL proved to be far far worse for expectations in the face of a global threat. Absolute disgrace.

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