19 TOXIC Tech Fails that will last Forever.

19 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Nintendo, Nike, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and much more 😈 To see previous episodes of Tech fails:
Nightmare Tech fails:
Smartphone Fails:

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  1. The yikyak was a shame of potential , i mean their dev should come up with word scan than ban a message that cointain negative content , i mean it is quite simple actually , they just need a employee that supervise it and continue update their dictionary for ban content and finally those who violates the rules to be ban like couple hour from sending message

  2. IKEA isn’t cheap just cuz they don’t preassemble for you, it’s cheap because of the materials they use …. Fingernail soft pine wood. Not oak hardwood

  3. Yik Yak seems like it would have been such a good app. I wish they just made it where you would put your actual name instead of being anonymous or smth. Idk. So much potential

  4. If you want to read the Gospel then I will put something like that in my replies but if you read that then you should still read the complete Gospel. If you read it then like the comment so that more people can see it and more people have at least one opportunity because accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is the most important decision that you will ever make.

  5. i literally just saw Mrwhosetheboss on youtube shorts and was laughing my butt off at his shorts. all the little jokes and humor made me like Mrwhosetheboss even more. i also enjoy working with technology and seeing hem make videos with phones and electronics was enjoyable to me 😀

  6. Microsoft actually made a comeback with skype, through just using that infrastructure for microsoft teams, which being part of the microsoft office application pipeline works really well

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