$1 vs $50 iPhone Case!

My first ever YouTube short on the Main channel – did you like it? 😳



  1. This is the first Short I've ever posted on the Main channel – I would love to experiment with a few short videos every now and again here – let me know what you think though! (Will take your feedback v seriously) 😁

  2. I bought a Mouse (Muos? Moose? idk) case for my iPhone 12 at £40 and don't regret it one bit, slimmer and better protection than my previous £10 case. Never buy Apple's offical cases, they suck imo

  3. I bought the original silicon case from Samsung for my S22 and it's not that great. Has weak spots around the charging port and buttons and the material wears rather quickly. Nice design, matching my phone's color but next time i'll go with a cheapo for sure.

  4. Plz keep the shorts for the shorts channel, cause we didn’t subscribe for 1min videos on this channel we would’ve opened instagram or tiktok. Great content man!

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