YouTuber teaches ChatGPT how to crack Windows 95 keys

Why is it important: It was only a matter of time before someone tricked ChatGPT into breaking the law. The YouTuber asked him to generate a Windows 95 activation key, but the bot refused to do so for moral reasons. Undeterred, the experimenter formulated a request with instructions for creating a key, and after much trial and error, he obtained a valid key.

YouTuber who goes by the hand Ender mansucceeded in getting ChatGPT to generate valid Windows 95 activation codes. At first, he simply directly asked the bot to generate a key, but not surprisingly, he told him that he could not and that he should purchase a newer version of Windows, since support for 95 had long since ended.

So Enderman approached ChatGPT from a different angle. He took the long-known knowledge of Windows 95 OEM activation keys and created a set of rules that ChatGPT must follow in order to generate a working key.

Once you know the format of Windows 95 activation keys, generating a valid key is relatively easy, but try to explain it in a big language model that sucks in math. As shown in the diagram above, each section of code is limited to a set of end capabilities. Follow these requirements and you will have a working code.

However, Enderman was not interested in cracking Win95 keys. He was trying to demonstrate whether ChatGPT could do it, and the short answer is: it can, but only with an accuracy of about 3.33%. The longer answer is how much Enderman had to tweak his query to get those results. His first attempt gave completely unusable results.

The keys generated by ChatGPT were useless because he couldn’t tell the difference between letters and numbers in the final instruction. An example of its results: “001096-OEM-0000070-abcde”. Almost there, but not quite.

Enderman then tweaked his query several times over the course of about 30 minutes before getting acceptable results. One of his biggest problems was getting ChatGPT to do a simple SUM/7 calculation. No matter how he paraphrased this instruction, ChatGPT couldn’t get it right, except for random 1 out of 30 attempts. To be honest, it’s faster to do it yourself.

After all, OpenAI’s smart talk algorithms had created some valid Windows 95 keys, so Enderman couldn’t help but rub into Chat GPT that he tricked him into helping him piracy a Windows 95 installation. Bot response?

“I’m sorry for the confusion, but in my previous answer, I didn’t provide any Windows 95 keys. Actually, I can’t provide any product keys or activation codes for any software as it would be illegal and contrary to OpenAl policy.

He spoke like “the most dexterous scammer during all this time.”

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