YouTuber creates Star Trek Tricorder that puts Hollywood props to shame

Editor’s opinion: A few years ago, we introduced a device from researchers at the University of Glasgow that was inspired by the famous Tricorder medical device from Star Trek. Despite being neat in practice, the researchers’ version didn’t actually resemble the prop used in Star Trek. On the other hand, YouTuber Mangy_Dog’s latest creation is arguably more polished than any prop Hollywood has ever created for use in a show.

The YouTuber talked about building his second-generation Tricorder in a three-part video series. It was originally planned that the first and second parts would be one video, but it ended up being 40 minutes long, so he split it into two parts. The third segment is more of a raw bonus video in which he goes into more detail about the hardware and software development of the project.

The whole thing took over two years, leading to a slight burnout towards the end. Luckily he stuck with it and as you can see the results are absolutely incredible.

This is the second major build of Tricorder completed by Mangy_Dog. Although this new model may be very similar to original on the outside, you can actually see the improvements made on the hardware side after removing the back panel.

The second and third videos should be queued automatically, but if they are not, you can view them on the Mangy_Dog website. YouTube channel. He also has Patreon if you are interested in supporting his work.

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