YouTube Vanced is shutting down after owners get banned from Google

What happened now? The developers of the well-known YouTube app Vanced have announced that they are ending work on the project for “legal reasons”. This decision follows a cease and desist letter from Google, which forced the platform to shut down as well as stop further development and distribution. For now, existing Vanced users can continue to use the app as normal, that is, until YouTube releases an update that causes the app to stop working properly.

YouTube Vanced has been around for a few years now, gaining popularity as an alternative to Google’s official YouTube app as soon as the latter started adding bigger, longer ads and sponsored sections to videos. As with web browser extensions, Vanced has even revived the dislike counter on mobile devices, a feature that YouTube removed from the platform last November.

The modified client also gave users free access to YouTube Premium features, including background playback and picture-in-picture mode, and added customization and a dark theme. Ultimately, it should have disappeared from the Google radar it now has.

There was also news of the termination published on Reddit, with The Verge making report that the owners of the Vanced project were sent a letter from Google asking them to change the app logo and remove all mentions and links related to YouTube products.

The creators of Vanced note that the current version of the application will continue to work, although an official YouTube update may someday break it. For now, Vanced is expected to function normally for two years, after which it will become obsolete as YouTube and its in-house technologies continue to evolve.

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