YouTube is testing a more affordable Premium Lite subscription that only removes ads.

Bottom line: Advertising has long been a necessary evil on the Internet. However, as is often the case, some content creators have overdone their ad placement a bit. Premium Lite seems like a reasonable compromise – you still support the platform and the hard work of the creators, but don’t pay for additional features that you might not even use.

YouTube is piloting a more affordable version of its premium subscription service, which lacks some of the standard tier perks.

As I first noticed ResetEra user, the new Premium Lite variant provides ad-free access to YouTube for € 6.99 per month (about $ 8.30). Compared, YouTube Standard Premium Package Eliminates YouTube and YouTube Music ads, and lets you download files offline and play in the background for $ 11.99 / month.

In a statement sent FacetsYouTube has confirmed that Premium Lite is being tested in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

YouTube also confirmed that the new proposal is in an experimental stage and that they are considering broader adoption based on user feedback.

Would you spend more than $ 8 and switch a month to remove all YouTube ads, or are you happy with being an ad-supported user? I personally find myself spending a lot more time watching YouTube compared to more traditional video delivery methods, and I would be tempted to pay a monthly fee to opt out of ads.

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