YouTube has blocked the Pornhub channel for numerous violations of the rules

What happened now? YouTube removed the Pornhub channel from the platform for “multiple violations” of its community guidelines. The Google-owned company said the removal was due to a violation of a policy that prohibits links to sites that host content that is prohibited by YouTube.

The Pornhub channel on YouTube has existed since 2014 and managed to gain 900,000 subscribers before it was blocked. He posted work-safe videos promoting the popular adult entertainment network and its performers. Diversity notes that some channel content includes series such as Tips for Models, Pornhub Models, and Pornhub Literacy 101, as well as sections on fashion, music, and Pornhub awards. The channel has also included an age limit on its videos, requiring viewers to be over 18 years of age.

The Pornhub channel is no longer showing up in YouTube searches and its URL shows a 404 error.

“After review, we have closed the official Pornhub channel due to numerous violations of our community guidelines,” YouTube spokesman Jack Malone said in a statement to Variety. “We apply our policies equally to everyone, and channels that are repeatedly infringing or dedicated to infringing content are closed.”

MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, said it “strongly denies” that its YouTube content contains links to porn sites. “Unfortunately, this is just the latest example of discrimination against members of the adult industry, a trend seen on social media and in every other area of ​​life, especially when groups disingenuously equate consensual adult content with exploitation,” the spokesperson said.

Anti-Pornography Group National Center for Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) wrote that on Friday he flagged content on Porhub’s YouTube account that he believed violated YouTube policy.

The ban comes just months after Meta-owned Instagram booted a Pornhub account that had over 13 million followers and over 6,200 posts for nudity, adult content and sexual harassment. Like YouTube, Instagram said the account encourages people to visit Pornhub. TikTok also deleted the Pornhub account last week following a complaint from NCOSE.

In 2020, Mastercard and Visa severed their relationship with Pornhub following a New York Times exposé alleging that MindGeek was monetizing videos of rape and sexual abuse of underage girls – the site banned uploads and unverified uploads in response to the article. Both financial giants are still facing a lawsuit that accuses them of intending to “help MindGeek monetize child porn.”

In June, both MindGeek and Pornhub faced lawsuits over allegations of posting sex videos without consent. Thirty-four women are suing parent company MindGeek for being “one of the largest human trafficking businesses in the world” and “probably the largest unregulated repository of child pornography in North America.”

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