Your Favorite Mobile Applications Can Also Run in a Web Browser

More app than that you will be able to understand that they are available on the web and even on your phone, syncing with your phone to give you access to all the same data, files and conversations through any web browser you like.

There are all sorts of ways that can be useful. For a start, it means you have a lot more screen space to work with – the content is spread out on your desktop monitor instead of being limited to the dimensions of a smartphone screen.

Access to a keyboard and mouse is also important. It means you can feed up with incoming messages much faster than you can on your phone, so you never need to get back into a group chat.

Opening these apps on the web also means you won’t have to keep accessing them on your phone every time a new notification appears: You can only deal with everything that’s happening from your desktop or laptop.

If you find these benefits attractive, here are some of the best known apps with little known web versions (we won’t cover apps that are obviously available on the web and on your phone, like Gmail and Twitter).


David Nield via WhatsApp

There’s no need to tune your phone to be able to track your WhatsApp messages and group chats, so you can even get them in your web browser — as long as you have your phone on hand to set it up. You get the benefit of more space to view your chats, and access to a physical keyboard for typing is even faster.

Towards WhatsApp Web to get started and you will be presented with a QR code. Open WhatsApp on your phone, then tap Settings, WhatsApp Web / Desktop and Link a Device (in iOS), or tap the three dots then WhatsApp Web and Link a Device (on Android) to display the QR code scanner and connect.

All your conversations are synchronized, complete with contact images and read received (if you have them enabled). Click on the three steps next to Settings to configure the key options for the web app, including notification settings and the web app theme.


David Nield via Instagram

Instagram is also available on the web, and in this case you don’t need access to your phone: You just need your username and password to be able to connect. Go to Instagram on the web and enter your credentials to begin with.

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