You won’t find a better price for Babbel this year

Chances are, when it comes to language, you spend most of your time contemplating how to use NLP for your business, or taking sides in the Java versus Python debate. But now is the time to focus on speaking, because one of the the most successful language learning apps in the world, Babbel, 64% Discount on Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday.

With a 4.6 and 4.5 star rating (App Store and Google Play Store, respectively), this app is ideal for learners of all levels to help you speak a different language with confidence in just one month.

For $ 179, you can join over 10 million students and get lifetime subscription at Babbel so you can learn 14 different languages, including Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish and Indonesian, at your own pace.

There are obvious benefits learning a second languagefor example, forging deeper connections with more people, keeping your brain active, and infinitely simplified travel abroad, but the less obvious ones are worth noting.

First, learning a new language can improve your communication in your native language, which is very convenient in everyday life. Second, it can strengthen your decision making, and it is something you can use to be successful at work. Not to mention, bilingual job opportunities are on the rise, so speaking a language other than technology can help you find a better position in your field or completely change your career.

With Babbel, you get short, 10-15 minute lessons that fit seamlessly into your busy day. Usually $ 499, new users can get lifetime subscription for only $ 179, for a limited time.

Designed by over 100 linguistic experts, the lessons cover real-world topics and use speech recognition technology to ensure you pronounce words with the correct variation. So instead of memorizing vocabulary lists and repeating conjugations until you die of boredom, you’ll learn to have conversations about travel, family, business, shopping, food, and more.

Prices are subject to change.

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