You can now build your own USB-C iPhone with this open source mod.

Promising: If you’ve been waiting for an iPhone with a USB-C port instead of a Lightning connector, you’re unlikely to get one from Apple. However, you can modify an existing iPhone using detailed instructions from a keen engineering student who has spent months developing the process.

Last month, we learned that an EPFL engineering student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology has successfully modified iPhone X to change the charging port from Lightning to USB-C. This was a great achievement as the USB-C port was fully functional for both charging and data transfer.

Ken Pillonel, who developed the mod, promised to make a more detailed video about his project, and now we have it. Pillonel not only explains in great detail what it took to make the world’s first USB-C iPhone a reality, but he also created GitHub repository containing all the instructions needed to handle the iPhone case and assemble the custom PCB for the USB-C port.

In a 14-minute video, Pillonel explains that the mod required some reverse engineering and creative thinking in order to mimic the correct USB-C port. Specifically, he needed to figure out how to map power and data lines between the Lightning connection on the iPhone motherboard and the USB-C port, and redesign the Apple C94 chip. Then he had to figure out how to create a flexible PCB that would fit inside the iPhone X and a support structure that would hold the USB-C port in place.

Suffice it to say that not many people have the skills and tools required to create this mod, but at least you don’t have to go through the same difficult journey as Pillonel, thanks to his decision to open source the documentation behind the final version. he worked so hard to create.

If you’re interested in buying this unique iPhone X with USB-C, Pillonel is eBay auction where at the time of writing, trading has already reached $ 4,950. However, keep in mind that this won’t be useful as a daily driver, and Pillonel notes that you shouldn’t repair, update, or erase it either.

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