Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Pre-Orders Open Next Week

In a nutshell: The Microsoft Xbox Series X Mini Refrigerator will be available for pre-order starting next week, ahead of shipping worldwide in December. Assuming there’s no shortage, it’s safe to say that this holiday season will be easier to find a mini fridge reminiscent of the Xbox Series X than an actual console.

Shortly after Microsoft unveiled its Xbox Series X in late 2019, memes began to flood about how the console looked like a miniature refrigerator. They became so popular that even Microsoft got involved. And last October, the company gave Snoop Dogg a full-size birthday copy and ran a giveaway for another division on Twitter.

After that, the chatter continued, so in April of the following year Microsoft promised gamers to launch a miniature version if the company beats Skittles in the contest for the best Twitter brand. Microsoft has won and keeps its word.

The Xbox Series X Mini Refrigerator was created in collaboration with Ukonic… It boasts surface features and console-like LEDs, including a matte black finish. Inside you will find two door shelves for snacks and space for 10 cans of your favorite drink. There’s even a USB port on the front of the refrigerator to charge your devices and a DC adapter so you can take the refrigerator with you on the go.

Pre-orders will open October 19, with in-store arrivals scheduled for December 2021 at several global retailers. Microsoft works with Target in the United States as an exclusive retail partner. The price is set at $ 99.99.

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