Xbox Creator Apologizes to AMD for Last Minute Switch to Intel Processors 20 Years Ago

Why is it important: Original Xbox creator Seamus Blackley has apologized to AMD engineers and its current CEO for Microsoft’s last-minute decision to ditch its chips in favor of Intel for its gaming console. Blakely’s apology, also known as the “father of the Xbox,” comes shortly before the console’s 20th anniversary.

Microsoft released the original Xbox on November 15, 2001. Although it’s still a month away from his 20th birthday, Seamus Blackley takes this opportunity to apologize for a situation that has gotten out of his control.

The console developer tweeted that the change was the result of a phone call between then Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and then Intel CEO Andy Grove. The decision to switch from AMD to an Intel Pentium III processor surprised Blakely and everyone else. AMD engineers even sat in the front row, awaiting the presentation of the final product they were working on together.

“I was standing there on stage for the BillG announcement, and they were right there in the front row looking so sad. I will never forget this. They helped so much with prototypes. The prototypes that literally worked demonstrating the AMD HARDWARE software release announcement, ”Blackley said, adding,“ I felt so asshole. ”

What is the reason for the sudden change in which processor was being used? Someone asked him if it was due to an engineering or financial decision, to which he replied, “I think a relationship,” and then replied, “No, I’m sure. Pure politics ”.

Below is an unexpected switch.

At the end of the day, AMD probably isn’t mad anymore. The company’s chips are now used for both Xbox Series X and Series S as well as Sony PlayStation 5. They even provided a 1.6GHz AMD x86-64 Jaguar 8-core processor for the PS4 and implemented an AMD 1 8-core APU. 75 GHz for PS4. Xbox One.

Meanwhile, its rivalry with Intel remains very lively in the processor industry. AMD’s desktop processor market share surpassed Intel’s for the first time in 15 years this year. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger believes the leadership will disappear with the upcoming release of the 12th Gen Alder Lake processor.

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