Xbox Cloud Gaming gets mouse and keyboard support

The goal of Xbox Cloud Gaming is to make Xbox games more accessible by bringing them to a wider range of devices. In an interview last week, Asobo Studio confirmed that mouse and keyboard support will be coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming. This feature does not have an exact date, but it will definitely appear. Developer Microsoft Flight Simulator hosted a lengthy Q&A session last week (see below) right after the flight simulator went live on Xbox Cloud.

Flight Simulator head Jörg Neumann started talking about the cloud version of the game, as well as mouse and keyboard support, about eight and a half minutes later.

Neumann said it’s a platform-level feature, so the mouse and keyboard in the cloud won’t just work with Flight Simulator. Xbox Cloud Gaming already supports touch controls for some games because not everyone using a mobile device has a controller (Microsoft does not limit controller support to Xbox controllers). Similarly, not all PC streaming games have a controller.

It’s interesting to think about how this applies to Microsoft’s cloud gaming choices.

Games with PC versions may or may not simply switch to their PC control schemes as the cloud servers run on the user’s Xbox. Players can simply customize the keys to match the buttons on the Xbox controller. Will the cloud bring mouse aiming to a first-person shooter that never had a PC version?

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