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WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service that uses the same internet data plan you use for email and web browsing, send messages for free, and stay in touch with friends. In addition to basic messages, WhatsApp users can create groups, send each other an unlimited number of images, video and audio messages.

WhatsApp is also available for PCs with iPhone / iOS, Windows and Mac. You can also download the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android.


  • No hidden costs: Once you and your friends download the app, you can chat as much as you like. Send a million messages a day to your friends for free! WhatsApp uses your internet connection: 3G / EDGE or Wi-Fi, if available.
  • Multimedia: Send videos, images and voice memos to your friends and acquaintances.
  • Group chat: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts. Add or remove group members, change the group theme, and set the group icon.
  • Personal: Set a profile photo that will be shown to all your contacts.
  • No international fees: Just as there is no additional cost to send an international email, there is no additional cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends all over the world if they have WhatsApp Messenger installed and avoid those annoying international SMS costs.
  • Say no to contacts and usernames: Why bother remembering another PIN or username? WhatsApp works with your phone number just like SMS and integrates seamlessly with your existing phone address book.
  • No need to get in / out: No more problems logging out from another computer or device. With push notifications, WhatsApp is always on and always connected.
  • No need to add friends: Your address book is used to automatically link you to your contacts. Your contacts who already have WhatsApp Messenger will automatically appear in the Favorites section, just like in your friends list.
  • Offline messages: Even if you miss push notifications or turn off your iPhone, WhatsApp will keep your messages offline until you download them the next time you use the app.
  • And much more: Share locations and places, share contacts, custom wallpapers, custom notification sounds, landscape mode, message time stamps, email chat history, broadcast messages and media to multiple contacts at the same time, and much more.

About the new privacy policy:

We’ve heard from so many people how much confusion exists around our recent update. There has been a lot of worrying misinformation and we want to help everyone understand our principles and facts.

WhatsApp was built on a simple idea: what you share with your friends and family stays between you. This means that we will always protect your private conversations with end-to-end encryption so that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can see those private messages. This is why we don’t keep logs of who everyone messages or calls. We also cannot see your general location and we do not share your contacts with Facebook.

None of this changes with these updates. Instead, the update includes new capabilities that people will need to communicate about the company on WhatsApp, and provides additional transparency about how we collect and use data. While not everyone is shopping on WhatsApp today, we think more people will do so in the future, and it’s important that people know about these services. This update does not enhance our ability to communicate with Facebook.

We are now postponing the date when people will be asked to view and accept the terms. No one will have their account suspended or deleted on February 8th. We’re also going to do a lot more to eliminate misinformation about how privacy and security work on WhatsApp. Then we will gradually move to people to revise policies at their own pace before new business opportunities emerge on May 15th.

WhatsApp has helped bring end-to-end encryption to people around the world, and we are committed to protecting this security technology now and in the future. Thanks to everyone who reached out to us and to the many who helped spread the facts and stop rumors. We will continue to work hard to make WhatsApp the best way to communicate privately.

What’s new:

View Once Photos and Videos in WhatsApp

While taking photos or videos with our phones has become such an important part of our lives, not everything we share has to become permanent digital recording. On many phones, simply taking a picture means it will forever take up space on the film.

This is why today we are releasing new View Once photos and videos that disappear from chat after they have been opened, giving users even more control over their privacy.

For example, you can send a one-time photo of a new outfit you’re trying on in a store, a quick reaction at a specific point in time, or something confidential like a Wi-Fi password.

Like all private messages you send on WhatsApp, View Once media is end-to-end encrypted so WhatsApp cannot see it. They will also be clearly marked with a new “disposable” badge.

After watching the media, the message will be displayed as “open” to avoid confusion about what was happening in the chat at the time.

We are bringing this feature to everyone starting this week and look forward to feedback on this new way to send personal and disappearing media.

How to use WhatsApp View Once

For added privacy, you can now send photos and videos that disappear from your WhatsApp chat after the recipient has opened them once.

  • The media will not be saved in the recipient’s photos or gallery.
  • After you submit a photo or video view, you cannot view it again.
  • You cannot forward, save, tag, or share photos or videos that were sent or received with views after you turned on media.
  • You can only see if the recipient opened the view right after the photo or video if they have read receipts turned on.
  • If you do not open a photo or video within 14 days from the date of sending, the media data will disappear from the chat.
  • You have to choose a one time media view every time you want to send a one time photo or video view.
  • You can restore the media from a backup if the message was not opened at the time of the backup. If the photo or video has already been opened, the media will not be included in the backup and cannot be restored.


  • Send photos or videos with view enabled only to trusted people. For example, someone might:
  • Take a screenshot or record the media screen before it disappears. You will not receive a notification if someone takes a screenshot or screen recording.
  • Take a photo or video of media with your camera or other device before it disappears.
  • Encrypted media can be stored for several weeks on WhatsApp servers after they are sent.
  • If the recipient chooses to report viewing the media once, the media will be served in WhatsApp. You can read more about WhatsApp reporting messages in this article.

Dark Mode is finally here! Follow these instructions to install:

  1. Download the file found here.
  2. Open Whatsapp, tap the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and select “Settings”.
  3. In the settings, select Chats (theme, wallpaper, chat history).
  4. In chats, select a topic, and in the topic you will find a dark one.

Notes for the previous version:

  • When you get a link to a video from places like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you can now play it directly on WhatsApp. With the picture-in-picture feature, you can keep watching videos while chatting.
  • You can reply to a group message in private chat 1: 1. Press and hold the message in a group chat and select “Reply privately”.

Introducing Stickers

From emoji and camera features to status and animated GIFs, we’re always looking to add new features to make chatting with friends and family on WhatsApp easy and fun. We’re excited to introduce people to a new way of expressing themselves through stickers. Whether it’s a smiling cup of tea or a crying broken heart, stickers can help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express in words. For starters, we are launching sticker packs created by our designers on WhatsApp, and a pack of stickers from other artists.

We’ve also added support for third-party sticker packs so that designers and developers around the world can create stickers for WhatsApp. To do this, we have included a set of APIs and interfaces that allow you to create sticker apps that add stickers to WhatsApp on Android or iOS. You can publish your stickers app like any other app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and users who download and install your app can start sending those stickers directly from WhatsApp.

To use stickers in chat, simply click the new sticker button and select the sticker you want to share. You can add new sticker packs by clicking on the plus sign.

Share your current location

We are introducing a new feature that allows you to share your location in real time with family or friends. Whether you’re out with friends, letting loved ones know you’re safe, or sharing commutes, Live Location is an easy, safe way to let people know where you are. This end-to-end encryption feature lets you control who you share information with and for how long. You can stop sharing at any time, or just let the Live Location timer expire.

This is how it works. Open a chat with the person or group you want to share with. In the “Location” section, a new option “Share current location” has appeared on the attachment button. Choose how long you want to share and click Submit. Each chat participant will be able to see your location on the map in real time. And if more than one person shares their Live location in a group, all locations will be visible on one map.

Live Location is available on both Android and iPhone and will roll out to the app in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy it.

Desktop web client

The desktop app is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10, as well as Mac OS 10.9 and up, and syncs with WhatsApp on your mobile device. Since the app runs natively on your desktop, you’ll have support for your own desktop notifications, improved keyboard shortcuts, and more. After downloading and opening the app, scan the QR code using the WhatsApp app on your phone (find the WhatsApp Web menu under Settings).

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