WhatsApp adds the ability to mute others during group calls, join ongoing calls.

In the context: Forgot to turn off the sound during a group call? WhatsApp is now giving users the ability to mute individual participants when their audio becomes disruptive. This feature is designed to eliminate audio interruptions due to turned on or naughty participants and to prevent background noise that occurs when multiple users are in the same space.

The new feature is designed to prevent users from being interrupted by unintended audio or the inevitable background noise during group calls. It differs from other popular tool options such as Zoom and Teams, which only allow all participants to mute. The feature was recently promoted by WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart and will provide a more granular level of control for call participants…

In addition to the mute feature, WhatsApp also introduced the ability to mute the sound. join current calls. As Meta describes, the new connection functionality is a way to keep calls flowing naturally and spontaneously. Instead of answering a call when it starts, participants will now be able to join the current call or, if necessary, disconnect and then reconnect to the same call.

The new mute and join call features are two more features in the growing list of WhatsApp’s latest additions. Since the end of last year, WhatsApp developers have provided end-to-end encryption (E2EE), the ability to move content from Android devices to iPhone devices, and the ability to hide your latest status from other users.

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