What you need to know about the new CDC mask guidelines

“This means it doesn’t take long for close contact – seconds versus minutes – for the virus to spread from person to person,” says Ajay Sethi, a professor at the University of Wisconsin who studies infectious diseases.

Who is protecting this new mask guide?

Walenski said the new mask policy aims to protect some of the most susceptible people in our society, such as those who live in high transmission areas or who have vulnerable family members such as children or people with pre-existing problems. with health.

She also said it was important for the United States to get the spread quickly under control because a future option could elude the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing serious illness and death.

This does not necessarily make it easier for the public to accept the change.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people will see this as a flip flop, especially those who are already criticizing the CDC,” Sethi says.

What’s next?

Sethi says that while the public desperately wants to believe the pandemic is over, it won’t be as long as health policies are ignored.

Walenski stressed that the vaccination rate in the US needs to improve, and quickly. She said: “This moment, and most importantly the associated illness, suffering and death, could have been avoided if vaccination coverage had been higher in this country.”

She also did not promise that the leadership would not change again: “We continue to closely monitor the science and update the manual if science changes again.”

This story is part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Technology Project.

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