What was the first computer to be sold as a “laptop”?

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Conceived and built by Manuel Fernandez, founder of Gavilan Computer Corp., the Gavilan SC was an early portable computer and the first to actually be named as such when sold to consumers in May 1983.

The first ever $4,000 “laptop” weighed 9 pounds (4 kg) and ran on a 5 MHz Intel 8088 processor along with MS-DOS. Other features included 64 KB static CMOS memory, floppy disk drive, touch pad pointer, 300 baud modem.

Although by no means small by today’s standards, the Gavin SC was more compact than competing IBM PC-compatible portables such as the 28 lb (13 kg) Compaq Portable.

Gavilan Computer Corp. filed for bankruptcy and closed in 1985.

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