Watch this non-lethal $ 3.5 million Squid Game on YouTube.

What happened now? Have you ever wondered how someone would live in the real version of Squid Game, only without the constant deaths? YouTube star MrBeast spent $ 3.5 million re-creating the hit Korean show, which includes most games, 456 applicants, and a $ 456,000 prize.

MrBeast’s 76.6 million subscribers make him one of the most watched YouTube channels. He is famous creation of competitions in which people can win huge sums of money, including half a million dollars for The last one to leave the circle and Extreme tag, and Last one to leave, $ 800,000, the island saves… Thus, Squid Game is a great opportunity to relax without getting killed.

In the famous first Red Light game, Green Light players are equipped with devices that explode whenever they move, which is a non-lethal sniper simulation.

It’s interesting to watch the honeycomb game and how the licking technique that protagonist Song Ki Hoon used in the series actually works. Meanwhile, in the tug of war, teams fall into foam, not to death, and in the game “Balls” best friends compete with each other, and many prefer to play the “odd or even” game.

While the uniforms, glass ball full of money, and many other elements are completely recreated, the final version of Squid Game was replaced by Musical Chairs simply because most people still don’t know how to play the first one, and it is most likely will end in a rather cruel affair.

Some noted the mild irony that $ 3.5 million was spent on a YouTube video re-creating the TV show, which is a scathing commentary on the nature of capitalism, but that’s a discussion another time.

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