Watch this Halo Infinite expert take on 100 consecutive victories.

TL; DR: The Halo Infinite multiplayer mode was out a little over a month ago, and players are starting to get good at it. One player has become exceptionally skilled after having just celebrated a 100-win streak in Free-for-All. Technically, it was 105 or 106 games in a row, but he stopped counting after scoring a goal.

Australian content creator who Mint Blitz posted a fun video with highlights with commentary showing him killing his competitors (below). He has committed over a dozen kills using only the repulsorlator at a time. When opponents approached him near the ledge, he simply knocked them down one by one.

It all started with someone challenging the Blitz to win 50 games in a row in FFA, but when he passed the initial goal, he raised the bar to 100. He won five or six more games, but was killed as soon as he tried to kill the player comes first. However, the streak of 100 consecutive victories shows exceptional skill and knowledge of maps and weapon spawn points.

Blitz had so much fun poking players through with the Repulsor, he said his next task was to win using only the Repulsor. This is not as simple a strategy as it sounds. After a while, the players will find out what he is doing. Wary players will avoid his trap, denying him kills, or they will be ready to use a plasma grenade or other means to kill him in his camp. Of course, it’s half the fun of luring players into an ambush that they know can knock them off a ledge.

Players have recently been in awe of the rampant cheating in Halo Infinite. Watching Blitz play makes you wonder if even cheaters have a chance against him.

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