Want 20TB NFT? Check out this Pirate Cove website

What happened now? Have you ever had the urge to download every NFT on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains, just 20 TB each? The artist allows people to do this through a site that mimics the famous Pirate Bay torrent database, aptly named The NFT Bay.

Explaining what NFT is to those who know little about this technology is not easy. Claiming that they are digital artwork using the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrency transactions, so buyers have proof of ownership (and artists get paid) usually results in a person asking, “but can’t they just right-click click on the image and save instead of paying so much money? “

Australian Software Engineer and Developer Jeffrey Huntley is talking v NFT Bay was created as an educational art project. Huntley also hopes the website will help people understand that when someone pays for an NFT, they often aren’t stored on the blockchain, but simply buy instructions on how to access or upload an image. “Most of the images I’ve seen are hosted in web2.0 storage, which will probably be 404, which means NFT is even less valuable,” Huntley writes.

In addition to unscrupulous types exploiting others with NFTs and projects that are outright scams, the average NFT has a carbon footprint equivalent to more than a month’s electricity consumption for the average person living in the European Union. “Since web2.0 hosts are known to go offline (404 error), this handy torrent contains all the NFT files [sic] so that future generations can study these generations [sic] tulip mania and all together … ‘Damn it? We destroyed our planet for THIS ?! “Adds Huntley.

You will need a lot of free disk space if you want each NFT across the two blockchains on your PC – the entire zip file is just under 20TB in size.

Non-fungible tokens are now dividing the industry. Valve banned NFT games on Steam, and Xbox chief Phil Spencer called them exploitative, but Epic Games, Ubisoft and EA made it clear they were using games to win. And it looks like Quentin Tarantino ran into legal trouble with his NFT plans.

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