Walmart Expands InHome Delivery Service To 30 Million Homes By Year End

In a nutshell: Walmart has announced plans to expand its InHome delivery service in the United States from six million to 30 million by the end of 2022. At $ 19.95 a month or $ 148 a year including all fees and gratuities, this is not a bad deal as long as you don’t mind letting strangers into your home unattended.

Created in 2017 and officially launched in 2019, the grocery delivery program takes it one step further than most. Instead of just getting someone to deliver grocery orders to your door, InHome invites delivery staff to walk into your home and place food directly in your fridge or freezer.

Tom Ward, Senior Vice President of Last Mile Delivery at Walmart, said they have used this service in selected markets for the past two years and found it a great solution for customers who don’t want to worry about getting to a store or going home to take delivery.

Giving strangers access to your home unattended might seem like a risky business, but Walmart doesn’t seem to be concerned. A “highly trained” employee uses a one-time access code to open your door or garage, and a camera on the employee’s vest records the entire delivery process, which can be accessed from your phone for a week after each delivery.

Walmart said it plans to hire more than 3,000 InHome associate delivery drivers to support the service’s growth and will move out of its own ranks. Drivers will be equipped with fully electric vans and will receive all the perks, plus an additional $ 1.50 an hour.

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