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Welcome to Vox Quick Hits, podcasts of morsa size from u culture and I Beni teams in Vox that go where our (and yours!) pop culture and consumerist curiosity take us. Listen to the stories behind the news and trends, get personal information on purchases, and find your next book or binge watch.

We broadcast five new episodes a week – one every day of the week – each of which is 15 minutes or less.

You can Ask a Book Critic which I read after every other Monday. Whether it’s looking for social satires that sway the rich or a book to read when your attention is drawn, no question is unexplored. It is the guarantee of book critic Constance Grady.

The Best Money I Ever Spend it’s where purchases become personal. In this series, we broadcast the microphone to some of our favorite writers every two months to hear the stories behind their most significant acquisitions.

Tell me more dig into the narratives behind the news and trends in our culture – from the internet to business and beyond – every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with journalists Rebecca Jennings and Emily Stewart, and editor Meredith Haggerty.

Deciding What to look for it can be an overwhelming exercise in chosen paralysis. Leave the recommendation algorithms every Friday and let film critic Alissa Wilkinson and critic in general Emily VanDerWerff be your guides to movies and TV shows that are worth your time.

You can find and follow Vox Quick Hits in all the usual podcast posts, including Apple podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify. If you’re more of an intelligent person for speakers, you can also find them in Google Nest and at home speakers. Suffice it to say, “Hey / Okay, [you know who], play the Vox Quick Hits podcast. ”

Want more music content from Vox? Recode every day, hosted by Assistant Recode writer Adam Clark Estes and senior reporter Rani Molla, focuses on people, businesses and stories in technology that influence the rest of the world. Listen to a new episode every day, always 15 minutes or less, where you listen to the podcasts.

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