Valve presents a Steam Deck with links to portals and game suggestions.

What happened now? Valve revealed what Steam Deck buyers will find in their portable gaming device when it finally arrives. Unlike Apple’s intricate packaging, the company opted for a plain brown box.

Valve writes that the company recently completed a production build of the Steam Deck as part of its Design Validation (DV), which it will use for additional tests and development kits. DV is the last build of the prototype, which means that only minor changes will be made to the finished consumer block.

Valve also introduced us to Steam Deck packaging. It is nothing more than a brown cardboard box, but upon closer inspection, you can see a few icons on the side of the beloved Portal games.

The inside of the box is also understated. However, it contains a list of locations in various languages ​​where you can use the Steam Deck. These include “the closet,” where honestly most people will use a miniature PC. It also mentions the metro and the Ferris wheel, which can be dangerous places to play, depending on where you live.

We also see the contents of the box. The Steam Deck carrying case looks pretty good, although this is what buyers of the 64GB and 256GB models will get; the 512GB version comes with its own dedicated case.

Finally, there are a few instructions and a USB Type-C power supply – it looks like Valve isn’t going down the same path that most major smartphone manufacturers are taking by actually adding a charger.

The first Steam Decks were due to arrive this month. Unfortunately, like so much else, a shortage of microcircuits thwarted these plans. Now we will wait until February before they fall into the hands of gamers.

In other Steam Deck news this week, Valve stated that it is not interested in making games exclusively for the phone as it doesn’t make sense.

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