Valve more than doubled Steam Deck shipments

In a nutshell: Back in April, Valve promised to increase Steam Deck shipments this quarter, and judging by the game company’s latest reports, it looks like its efforts are paying off. You’ll still have to wait a long time if you’re just queuing now, but those already in line might get their coveted order email a little earlier.

On its official Steam Deck Twitter channel, Valve revealed that it has just sent out the final batch of Q2 booking emails to potential buyers and that the first wave of Q3 emails will be sent on June 30th.

Valve added that production has increased and that they will be shipping more than twice as many Steam decks every week from today. In an attempt to clarify the message, Valve employee Lawrence Young said that in previous weeks they were shipping x units per week to customers, and starting this week they will be shipping 2x units per week.

Valve planned to start shipping their new PDA in December 2021, but a shortage of components forced them to delay the launch by two months.

Valve Steam Deck from $399 and scales up to $649 depending on your hardware configuration. Expected order availability for new bookings is currently after Q3, which means you won’t be asked to place an order until October 2022 or later.

Don’t forget that the annual Steam Summer Sale is still in full swing with thousands of popular games on sale. The Meta Oculus Quest Summer Sale ended yesterday, but Old Big Nintendo Super Sale lasts until July 6th.

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