Valve is already laying the groundwork for Steam Deck 2

Editor’s opinion: The Steam Deck is only a week old at this point, but that hasn’t stopped Valve from peeking through the windshield rather than the rear window regarding plans to overhaul the portable gaming PC. While we don’t know Valve’s estimated lifespan for the first generation device, it’s probably safe to assume it’ll be the leader for at least a couple of years.

In a recent interview with Edge magazine (Paywall, via Comic), Valve boss Gabe Newell said that one of their main concerns with the Steam Deck was the price. “We thought that the initial price would be the deciding factor, but it turned out that the most popular article is the most expensive,” Newell said.

This is an example of how Valve is a little surprised by what customers say to them. “They basically say, ‘We’d like an even more expensive version of this,’ in terms of power capabilities or whatever,” he added.

Early feedback is already helping to shape Valve’s thinking about Steam Deck 2.

A more powerful portable computer without cost concerns can bring new functionality. One example that Newell touched upon is support for virtual reality. According to the report, Newell believes that the next version of Steam Deck will allow users to tether VR headsets to the device to play supported games almost anywhere.

Talk of a successor shouldn’t cause early adopters or potential buyers to feel buyer remorse. Valve still has a lot of early stocks to fill and the current expected order availability is listed as after the second quarter of 2022. Growth issues should also keep Valve busy in the coming months, as will the compatibility check with the Steam back catalog.

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