Upcoming iOS 16 Supports Nintendo Switch Controller and Joy-Cons

What to look forward to: Ever since Apple announced iOS 16 on Monday, developers have already begun experimenting with it ahead of its public launch later this year. One pleasant surprise they discovered is official support for Nintendo Switch controllers.

Apple devices have been officially supporting Xbox and PlayStation controllers for several years now, providing more reliable ways to play mobile games with physical buttons. This week, the developers behind the iOS 16 developer preview released screenshots showing a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and Joy-Cons paired with an iPhone. Adding compatibility with Nintendo controllers will benefit the millions of Switch owners who also have Apple devices.

Apple’s new mobile operating system even takes advantage of the Joy-Con’s split nature, making them unique for mobile gaming. A pair of Joy-Cons can sync with iOS 16 either as separate controllers or as one, so one set can provide local matches for two players on the same Apple device. Users can switch between whole and split Joy-Con modes by briefly holding down the Screenshot and Home buttons.

It’s probably a matter of time before someone develops a jig to connect Joy-Cons to the side of an iPhone to create an experience similar to Highway. This can save you almost $100 if you already have a pair of Joy-Cons for the Switch. Otherwise, both options cost about the same. It’s also interesting to consider whether iOS developers can create games using Joy-Cons motion controls and HD vibration.

So far, Nintendo has not commented on iOS JoyCon support.

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