Unlocked Oculus Go Operating System Officially Released

Why is it important: On Thursday, Oculus released a fully unlocked version of the operating system for the Oculus Go headset. The company no longer offers this 2018 model, so it saw fit to let developers do pretty much whatever they wanted with it.

Oculus was advising CTO John Carmack (aka id Software). announced plans to release an unlocked build of Oculus Go OS towards the end of last month. This update finally arrived this week. granting full root access. Users will be able to create their own versions of system-level functions, or essentially the entire OS. The release will also make it easier to download unpublished apps and effectively eliminate Facebook’s Oculus Go requirements.

In September, Carmack said that increase the longevity of the Oculus is superior to any official support.

“An accidentally discovered shrink-wrapped headset will be able to update to the final software in twenty years, long after the wireless update servers are down,” he said on Twitter.

The unlocked OS is for Oculus Go only. The download page warns that OS unlocking is irreversible and will not update over-the-air updates on unlocked devices. The setup guide explains that the updated Oculus Go will no longer validate critical OS files, allowing users to replace them with whatever they want.

Released in 2018 for a budget price of $ 200, the Oculus Go is the company’s first standalone VR headset. Not needing any external hardware like a high-end PC to work puts it in the same league as the Samsung Gear VR.

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