Ubisoft wants to bring Stadia purchases to PC

facepalm: When Google announced the impending death of Stadia on Thursday, it promised to refund customers, but didn’t give developers the same guarantee. Some are left to pick up the pieces, while others promise to help players move purchases and game progress to other platforms. Players can download progress from Google Takeout.

If you’ve bought Ubisoft games on the soon-to-be-defunct Google Stadia platform, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Far Cry 6, Ubisoft is trying to find a way to bring those purchases to PC. Io Interactive also wants to help Hitman players migrate to other platforms.

Ubisoft promises to share more details about its plans to move to Stadia and how the shutdown of the platform will affect customers who subscribe to Stadia through Ubisoft+. Purchases will likely turn into keys for the Ubisoft Launcher as the company doesn’t sell its latest releases on Steam.

At the same time, users can export your progress files by logging into Google Archive with the same account they use for Stadia. Then check the box next to “Stadia” when selecting the data to download. The data is exported to zip files that users can download via email or transfer to a cloud service.

After extracting the Takeout files locally, users will find the Stadia save files under Takeout > Stadia > GAMING > GAME_SAVE. Copying progress data for use in local PC games means figuring out where each game stores its save files, which vary by name. PCGamingWiki is a good resource for finding where games store their progress files.

Another part of the Google game streaming ecosystem that customers would like to port to other platforms is the controller, which currently only works with Stadia. A Stadia controller can be the right gamepad for a PC or console with the right software. Some have asked Google will release a driver to make it compatible with the PC that Amazon did for his Luna controller. Other users want Google to make the Stadia controller firmware open source so they or the wider community can customize it themselves.

Unfortunately, some of the developers working on Stadia games only learned of Google’s decision to shut them down when the news became public. SFB Games was getting ready to launch the Stadia version of Tangle Tower when Google made the announcement. Luckily, the title exists on other platforms as well, but Google’s termination of Stadia transactions essentially wastes all of the SFB resources allocated to the cloud version.

Necrosoft Games was planning about recovering development costs with the Stadia version of Hyper Gunsport. Old Skull said Axios that he could lose five figures due to Stadia’s development of Luxor Evolved. Q-Games’ PixelJunk Raiders is a Stadia exclusive, so it could end after January of next year if the developer can’t port it to another platform.

It is not yet clear how Google plans to compensate developers for the loss of money due to the sudden demise of Stadia. However, failure to fix things can lead to numerous lawsuits or class actions.

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