Ubisoft shares some details on recent ‘cybersecurity incident’

What happened now? Ubisoft revealed in a recent security bulletin that it experienced a “cybersecurity incident” last week that caused some of its platforms to temporarily shut down. So far, nothing concrete has come of the incident, and I hope it will remain so.

The French video game company said its IT teams are working with top experts to investigate the incident. As a precaution, Ubisoft has initiated a company-wide password reset, so if you’re suddenly asked to update your password, you know why.

While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to enable two-factor authentication for every account of yours that offers it.

In the latest update on March 10, Ubisoft said all his games and services work fine. In addition, the company said it found no evidence that any personal information was disclosed or obtained from the incident.

No hacker group has publicly claimed responsibility for what they did. If nothing was stolen, as Ubisoft claims, this could very well stand. After all, why brag publicly if there is nothing special to brag about?

Recently, Ubisoft has been joining a growing list of victims of hacker attacks. Earlier this week, Vodafone said it was investigating a claim that its security system had been breached by the same group that recently attacked Nvidia and Samsung.

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