Ubisoft Introduces Scalar: Cloud Technology for Creating Extremely Large-Scale Virtual Worlds

What happened now? Ahead of the Game Developers Conference, Ubisoft announced Scalar, a new cloud-based technology for game development and gameplay. Scalar enhances the flexibility and power of Ubisoft’s game engines while reducing reliance on end user hardware. It also provides developers with new opportunities to develop games and improve the gaming experience.

Ubisoft Scalar aims establish a unique, platform-independent game development environment that allows you to smoothly build the world in your current game environment. Imagine content being delivered without downloading and installing DLC. Instead, content appears suddenly as development and player interaction happen simultaneously in the cloud.

Ubisoft Scalar is built on a microservice architecture. Every component and system of traditional game engines resides in the cloud in a modular fashion (AI, sound, physics, etc.) on multiple machines. This aspect greatly improves scalability.

“In this way, games using this technology can use an almost infinite amount of processing power to push the boundaries in every aspect and run anything from huge virtual worlds to extremely deep simulations and environments that were previously unattainable,” it says. in a Ubisoft post. presentation.

In addition, Scalar uses an on-demand philosophy. It can dynamically start and stop services based on the actions of players and developers at any given time. In this way, computationally intensive tasks are cached and distributed around the world, eliminating the need to recompute computations.

“This is an important moment in our game development career,” said Christian Holmqvist, CTO at Ubisoft Stockholm. “We feel the same inspiration and freedom that we felt when we first started using our home computers as teenagers – the feeling that you can do anything with the full power of the cloud, for the first time in gaming.”

Scalar also allows you to create a persistent game world where changes made by one player can be experienced by all players. For example, if someone builds a skyscraper, thousands or even millions of other players can visit it without leaving the game and without joining another instance of the world.

Ubisoft is gradually rolling out Scalar to all Ubisoft studios as it develops future cloud projects. Ubisoft Stockholm is already using it for an upcoming unannounced IP. The developer did not give details, but said that it is using the full potential of Scalar to provide an experience on a scale never seen before. Ubisoft promised to provide more information about the project at a later date.

“Ubisoft builds on 35 years of continuous investment in research and development and proprietary technology because technological independence is a critical differentiator,” said Guillemet Picard, vice president of manufacturing technology at Ubisoft. “Ubisoft Scalar lives up to this spirit by expanding both our creativity and our unique collaborative development model with new, convenient ways to collaborate on a global scale. This marks a step forward and an exciting milestone for the gaming community.”

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