Two PS5 developer kits hit eBay for hours

Summary: Remember the images of PlayStation 5 developer kits that leaked in 2019, long before the Sony console hit the shelves? The V-shaped design didn’t look like the final product, although some people actually preferred this style. It also seems like someone was holding onto their devices: a couple of PS5 developer kits appeared on eBay yesterday, but they quickly disappeared from auction.

Twitter users Zuby Tech and iDCx1337 noticed two machines named “DFI-D1000AA dev kit” and “DFI-T1000A test kit” before they disappeared. The developer kit, which came with two all-black DualSense controllers, attracted 12 bids and reached € 2,850 (about $ 3,373) before being retrieved just hours after it was listed.

The test kit is very similar to the final PS5 except for the word TEST printed on the back, but the developer kit is indistinguishable from the PlayStation 5 we all know. At the time, it was speculated that the shape not only promoted cooling, but was intentionally V to reflect the Roman numeral 5.

The developer kit will likely be more powerful than the standard PS5 and will come with some additional features, including six front USB ports, but these devices tend to have limitations and may not even play retail PlayStation 5 games.

It is unclear who made sure these ads were removed – eBay or Sony. We know the Japanese firm won’t hesitate to call in lawyers if it feels the need to: The McDonald’s-style PS5 control giveaway was recently canceled when Sony stepped in, and the firm sent legal threats to the bezel maker last year.

In other Sony news, the company recently blamed the pandemic for the decline in PlayStation Plus subscribers and users. We also know that the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition no longer sells at a loss, but the Digital Edition remains unprofitable.

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