Twitter just bought Quill and is shutting it down this weekend

Editor’s comment: Twitter has agreed to acquire software startup Quill, maker of the business communications app of the same name. It’s unclear how long it will take before we start seeing Quill’s influence on Twitter, but for now we have to imagine that Slacks and Microsoft teams around the world are quite happy with this news as it removes a direct competitor from the ranks. …

Quill launched back in February for most major platforms as an alternative to Slack, an enterprise communication and collaboration app that Salesforce acquired in December 2020 for $ 27.7 billion. In short, the creators of Quill felt that existing platforms were huge and disorganized, resulting in a waste of time. “Quill is a message for people who are focused” – said on their website.

In their farewell message, the Quill team said that together with Twitter, they will continue to pursue their original goal of making online communication smarter and more effective. Financial terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

As a result of the acquisition, the service is closed, and everything happens pretty quickly. Quill users will have until Dec 11, 1:00 PM PT to export their team’s messaging history. During this time, the servers will be shut down and all data will be deleted.

We were told that active teams will receive a full refund.

Nick Caldwell, General Manager of Twitter Core Technologies, said they bring the team’s expertise and creativity to Twitter to make tools like DM a more rewarding and expressive way of communicating on the platform.

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