Twitter is adding a profile search button to the iOS app to easily find tweets from specific users.

In short: Finding a tweet from a specific user is relatively easy, but I try to keep things simple. Twitter has rolled out a feature it has been testing for at least the past month that allows iPhone users to search their accounts for specific content right from their profile page.

Twitter users can now search for tweets from specific users. Well, technically, the platform has always offered this with the “from:” function (from: TechSpot [search terms]). However, last month Geekout founder Matt Navarra revealed that Twitter rolled out a feature that puts a dedicated search button on your profile pages. Unfortunately, this was limited to only a handful of mobile users. The feature will launch globally on Friday.

This feature should make it a little easier to find specific tweets from users. For example, you might have heard someone tweet something and you want to add your two cents in a comment or retweet. Just go to your profile page. At the top next to the menu button (…) is a magnifying glass. Click on this, then enter your search terms to find the tweet. Obviously, this is better than running a general search that returns 20,000 tweets from other people.

Unfortunately, the XDA devs point out that at the moment the shortcut is only accessible in the latest stable version of the Twitter iOS app. It is unknown if Twitter is bringing it to Android devices, although it seems like a logical progression. Adding a search button to the Twitter version of the website makes a little less sense, given that typing on a regular keyboard is easier than typing with your thumb on a tiny phone screen.

Profile Search is one of several new additions to the Twitter platform. In September, it introduced Super Subscribers, which allows users to add additional content to their channels and pay $ 3, $ 5, and $ 10 subscriptions for it. He also added Tips (formerly Twitter Tip Jar) so that followers can donate money, including bitcoin, to their favorite tweeters. Last month, the platform added the ability to “soft block” subscribers so that I can block my mother-in-law without negative consequences.

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