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I scoured the internet to find the most hilarious/important/scary/exciting tech stories to date.

one Experts are baffled by the fatal plane crash in China yesterday.
The aircraft flew normally, then suddenly dived, killing all 132 people on board. (bloomberg $)
+ More bad news for Boeing. (Quartz $)
+ Recent aviation safety performance in China is strong. (New York Times $)

Two Russians rush to download Wikipedia before it gets banned
At least those who try to get news from sources not approved by the Kremlin. (Slate $)
+ Why WhatsApp survived the repression. (Wired $)
+ A Russian court upheld the ban on Facebook and Instagram. (NPR)
Airbnb has cracked down on listings in Ukraine, thwarting attempts by outsiders to help finance the stay of people leaving their homes. (Wired $)

3 New SEC rules will require companies to disclose their emissions 🏭
The devil will be in the details here, as climate accounting is no stranger to shenanigans. (TechCrunch)
+ How the new global carbon market could exaggerate climate progress. (TR)
+ We already have everything we need to rapidly move away from fossil fuels. (New Yorker $)

4. Facebook failed to detect hate speech against Rohingya Muslims.
Once again, after it was found that he played a decisive role in the genocide against them in Myanmar in 2016. (AP)
+ How Facebook and Google are funding global disinformation. (TR)

5 Cryptocurrency trading is mostly just gambling 🤑
The problem is that the house (almost) always wins. (The keeper)
+ You still need to understand cryptography. (New York Times $)
+ Someone launches a restaurant based on the Bored Ape NFT collection. (Nation Restaurant News)
+ Bitcoin miners are trying to rebrand themselves as green. (New York Times $)
+ More details have surfaced about India’s plan to tax crypto trading. (TechCrunch)

6 Big tech fought Europe. Europe has won.
He has lobbied hard for strict new antitrust and data rules, but they are almost guaranteed to be implemented. (FT $)
+ Toronto’s tech sector is booming. (New York Times $)

7. NASA has confirmed the presence of 5,000 exoplanets outside our solar system.
And we may be on the verge of discovering many more when the James Webb Space Telescope goes live. (Space)

8 Are we already approaching the peak of the metaverse?
While virtual worlds have been around for decades, Mark Zuckerbeg needed Mark Zuckerbeg to bring the metaverse into the mainstream, even if we don’t fully understand what it is (CNET)
+ Is the metauniverse even technically possible? (IEEE Spectrum)

9 Video Game Conservation Specialists Fight To Save Old Games
As game makers close their digital store fronts, advocates rush to make games available (edge)
+ Video games are enjoyable entertainment, but also a source of guilt for Ukrainians. (Wired $)
+ Saudi Arabia sees esports and gaming as a way to boost its reputation. (The keeper)

10. What does our desire to see people publicly shamed say about us?
Online shame seems not only ruthless, but inevitable. (New Yorker $)

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