TikTok Videos Coming Soon to Airports, Hotels and Restaurants

In short: TikTok is spreading like wildfire, featuring interesting, engaging and fun videos from users around the world. Most of them have watched content on phones and home TVs so far, but a new partnership between the social media network and Atmosphere will propel video to larger scenes, including restaurants, gyms, airports and hotels.

For those unfamiliar with Atmosphere, it’s a streaming TV service for businesses. granting customers with original and non-standard TV channels for their spaces. Atmosphere currently has over 19,000 customers, including Taco Bell, Texas Roadhouse, Burger King and Westin, with over 20 million unique monthly users.

The service offers several channels such as RedBull TV, X Games, Nitro Circus TV and many other channels dedicated to lifestyle, cars, kids, sports and niche channels. Thanks to the new partnership, this media circle will now be increase with a dedicated broadcast of TikTok videos, making it the first social media TV channel on the platform.

TikTok’s Atmosphere channel will be curated by a team of editors responsible for selecting the best and funniest clips on the social network, ensuring they only broadcast relevant content for outdoor viewing. The channel itself was designed with TikTok to give viewers the same experience as using the social media app on their phones.

“TikTok has become a place for over a billion people to have fun, get inspiration and find a community,” said Dan Page, head of global business development and new screens at TikTok. “With Atmosphere, we’re excited to make it easier for people to share TikTok by bringing the joy and creativity of our platform to new screens, venues and audiences.”

Based on the looks of the Atmosphere channels, most of them include content taken from the Internet, presumably with the permission of the author. Atmosphere then removes audio from the video, either replacing it or leaving it silent, depending on the needs of the customers.

If you’re wondering what Atmosphere’s TikTok feed looks like, you can see demo channel online.

Credit to masthead: Olivier Bergeron

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