Three Great Tech Jobs That Pay Over $200,000

As inflation continues to fall, hitting 4.9% in April, the lowest since a peak of 9.1% in June 2022, American workers are still feeling out of sorts. And this despite the fact that the average hourly earnings rose by 4.6% year on year; The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the real average earnings of all workers decreased by 0.1% in February.

Contrast this with a recent study that found that middle-income families who earn from $30,000 and $100,000 struggle to pay day-to-day living expenses, and you can begin to understand why salary continues to be the most important factor in attracting top talent.

balance of power

Thanks to a series of new local and state laws, wages are more transparent than ever before, putting workers at the forefront when it comes to the pay conversation.

In New York, California, Colorado and Washington, all employers are now required by law to list a salary range on all job listings. In other states, including Ohio, Maryland, and Nevada, job seekers are eligible to request or receive salary ranges upon request or at the interview stage.

The logic is simple: by giving job seekers guidance on how much they can expect to be paid, they are less likely to lose out when it comes to initial offers or pay significantly less than peers with the same skills and experience.

Salary ranges also give job seekers leverage during the negotiation stage, and if a competitor is willing to pay more, this information can be used as a guideline in your case.

Also, when it comes to closing the gender pay gap, which is especially true in the male-dominated tech industry, 15% of startup founders are women and women make up only 28% of the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce – research University of Utah Business School showed that the gap narrowed by 45% in organizations that disclosed payroll information compared to those that did not.

Opportunity knocks

While it’s possible to use salary information to negotiate a raise with your current employer, the recent spate of tech layoffs means many organizations have imposed a pay freeze and cut employee benefits.

If your employer is trying to cut costs in the form of wages, employee benefits, and benefits, looking for new opportunities is often the only way to get more money and job security. The good news is that TechSpot Bulletin Board is the perfect place to start your search, as it lists thousands of jobs with salaries over $200,000 a year, like the three below.

Lead Data Engineer – Genentech, San Francisco, CA

Salary range: from $148,800 to $276,400

Genentech is looking for Lead Data Engineer to help create a next-generation data engine that scalably and rigorously accepts and transforms the data generated by this initiative so that it is ready for machine analysis. You will act as an architect and engineer-manager tasked with overseeing the creation and operation of this data processing engine, as well as influencing the entire information organization through presentations and collaboration.

To apply, you will need seven or more years of experience designing and developing scalable pipelines, frameworks, and platforms to support data science efforts in distributed cloud environments, five years of which on AWS. Read more here.

Proactive Intelligence, Applied Research Specialist – Generative AI, Apple, Seattle, Washington

Salary range: $144,500 to $250,000

Apple is looking for Proactive Intelligence, Applied Research Specialist. You will use state-of-the-art generative models to deliver outstanding products, services, and customer experiences for iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, and more.

You will need a Ph.D. or Master’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, strong programming skills in Python and/or C++ with over 5 years of experience using these languages ​​for machine learning (ML) modeling and applied research. See full job description here.

Senior Director of Software Engineering – Adobe, San Jose, CA

Salary range: from $180,500 to $387,200

Adobe is looking for Senior director of software development to spearhead their conversational projects, B2B marketing and AI/ML based software development projects. The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of bringing complex software projects to market, excellent organizational and communication skills, strong leadership skills, and be innovative.

In this role, you will lead a software development team to develop and deliver high-quality software products on time and on budget, collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements, and manage the workload and priorities of the development team. software. and deadlines. You can access more information here.

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