This gamer jumpsuit features a Drop Seat System 6.0 for a comfortable bathroom break.

What the heck ?! Bauhutte, a Japanese company that seems to think it can add the word “gamer” in front of any product to increase its appeal, is back with an updated version of its jumpsuit that allows you to answer the call of nature without having to remove the smelly stuff. which festered on the inside for several days.

As reported Soranews24Bauhutte’s Damegi 4G, or “Ninja Onesie” in English, is one of the company’s more popular products, although despite its misleading name, it lacks basement connectivity.

Designed for gamers, users can wrap themselves up in what is essentially a wearable blanket, complete with a front that, oddly enough, can be zipped. This allows for multiple Civilization marathon sessions without feeling the cold. The problem is that it gets boring to have to go to the bathroom.

With an update called Seat Fall System 6.0, users no longer have to go through the complicated task of removing the Damegi 4G while sitting down to the toilet. It promises “amazingly quick buttock lifting and buttock cleansing” that we can all appreciate.

The Damegi 4G received an impressive 4.3 out of 5 points. Japanese Amazon sitewhere it costs about $ 100. It’s also on this site for $ 249 – a price that is likely to convince users to just wear diapers.

In the past, we have already talked about some questionable Bauhutte products. Last year, his “play bed” was introduced, which looks like a regular bed with side elements and tables placed outside. There was also a “play mattress”, which, again, looks suspiciously like a regular mattress. And none of them have RGB.

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