The Xbox app will now tell you how well the game will run on your PC.

In short: The Xbox app for Windows will have a small new feature that will make it easier to determine how well a game will perform on any given system. Microsoft did not disclose details, but it is now available to Xbox Insiders.

Xbox Insider users browsing the Xbox app should start seeing words like “Must play great on this PC” on the store pages of some games such as Doom Eternal, Forza Horizon 5, or Yakuza Zero. Facets Notes (edit) many headlines at this point still say “performance testing is not yet available.”

To enter the Windows Insider Program, install the Xbox Insider Hub app from the Windows Store. In this app, agree to join the preview program and the selected beta features you want to join should appear in the Previews section.

It is unclear if there will be other performance metrics besides the one word “must play great”. Also, the “excellent” performance is rather vague. It’s unclear if this means the game will run at 60fps in 1080p or some other standard.

The game pages in the Windows Store and the Xbox app already have system requirements listed. The Windows Store even uses checkboxes to indicate which hardware requirements your machine meets. Weaknesses in your installation are indicated by links leading to the About page in System Preferences.

The new shortcut seems to be intended to give a general overview of expected performance. It can also help novice users who are poorly versed in system requirements to quickly see if their computer can run the game sufficiently.

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