The world of Fortnite players has turned upside down

Long-awaited: The world of Fortnite has changed forever after the colossal in-game event that ended Chapter 2 and opened the beginning of Chapter 3. Players who participated in the event could watch it all unfold in real time in the form of UFOs, zombies and other people. even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson invaded the game’s island.

Fortnite, one of the largest and most played battle royale games, is undergoing another major update. The introduction of a new chapter will fill the game with fresh content, characters, mechanics and storylines. The change began with a real-time in-game event that redefined the legendary map of the game.

Like black hole event used in the previous game transition, Fortnite players ended up floating across the vast ocean after yesterday’s events. Players expect this visual to continue until the official release of the update, after which everything from a new map to new character skills and interactions will become available to game players.

One of the biggest changes is the island itself in the game, which literally turned over during the in-game event. Like the previous islands of Athena and Apollo in chapters 1 and 2, the island of Artemis in chapter 3 offers players additional features, including new points of interest (POIs), weather events, and wildlife.

In addition to the new play area in Chapter 3, players will be offered new game mechanics it can fundamentally change the way the game is played. According to Epic Official Chapter 3 announcement, players will now be able to slide and swing around the map. Players will also be able to use camps, which can heal and restore weapons and items hidden during previous matches.

As expected, no release is complete without many new playable characters to choose from. The ad also links to the previous one a leak which provided viewers with a glimpse of the newest additions to Chapter 3, which seems to include Spider-Man. Gears of warMarcus Phoenix and Keith Diaz, as well as “The Foundation”, a character from Dwayne Johnson who was instrumental during the live performance.

The new chapter is rumored to air sometime today, however Epic has yet to release an official announcement on the availability of the update or on when Season 1 of Inverted will begin.

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