The Razer Zephyr N95 mask sold out minutes after it went on sale, but are the bots to blame?

What happened now? The long-developed Razer Razer Zephyr mask finally arrived yesterday, along with questions about how popular the $ 99 wearable will be at a time when mask requirements are declining in many places and vaccine rollouts continue. It looks like the company has nothing to worry about: everything was sold out in a matter of minutes.

It was back at the January CES where Razer revealed it was working on an N95 respirator, then called Project Hazel. Like the company’s other products, it featured Chroma RGB lighting.

In March, Razer confirmed that the Hazel would be a real product, not just a concept, and a Q4 release date was announced a few months later. The mask name was also changed to Razer Zephyr in August.

Many people have watched with interest how the Zephyr works: $ 99 is not a small amount, fewer people are wearing masks these days, and those who wear this sci-fi device will certainly stand out from the crowd. According to Razer, the first wave of masks sold out in minutes.

“The demand for the Razer Zephyr was huge and our first wave sold out in minutes,” the company tweeted. “Stay with us and [we] thank you for your patience as we are working hard to restock them as quickly as possible. Subscribe to be notified when the next shipment arrives. “

As with graphics cards, consoles and a host of other products, questions arise about how many Zephyr masks were available for purchase and what percentage of them were captured by bots / scalpers. In the latter case, many who responded to the tweet said they tried but failed to get one of the masks as soon as they went on sale, assuming the bots got to them first.

Razer says the replaceable N95-grade filters on its mask contain 99 percent BFE (bacteria filtration efficiency) and can filter 99 percent of 0.3 micron air particles, which means its effectiveness in blocking Covid-19 particles that are less than 0 , 3 μm, but often associated to larger molecules like water.

These filters are surrounded by two large, Chroma-compatible RGB rings with addressable zones that help illuminate your face through a transparent anti-fog front panel. There is also a microphone and speaker, active ventilation that delivers cool air and generates heat generated when you exhale, an airtight seal that prevents glasses from fogging, and a wireless charging case with sterilizing UV lamps inside.

In addition to announcing the availability of Zephyr at the RazerCon 2021 digital event, Razer also unveiled its new Kunai fans and PWM fan controller, Hanbo AIO liquid cooler, and powerful Katana Chroma-enabled PSUs, which you can read about here. …

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