The President of Square Enix said NFT and blockchain gaming will be the main themes for the company in 2022.

Hot potatoes: Despite the fact that most people express a passionate aversion to the idea of ​​non-fungible tokens in games, more and more studios are adopting them. The latest is Japanese giant Square Enix, whose president says NFT, blockchain gaming and another hot topic in the industry, the metaverse, will be in the spotlight from this year.

Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda New year letter begins by diving into the metaverse, noting that Facebook’s name change to Meta is proof that the concept isn’t just a buzzword that’s going away. He believes the metaverse will be made possible by advances in augmented reality (XR) technology, the growing adoption of cloud and 5G technologies, and more sophisticated blockchain technology.

“The Metaverse is likely to see a meaningful transition to the business phase in 2022 when a wide range of services hit the scene. As this abstract concept begins to take concrete form in the form of product and service offerings, I hope it will lead to changes that will also have a greater impact on our business, ”writes Matsuda.

Square Enix president believes 2021 will be “NFC: Year One.” He adds that there have been “here and there examples of over-trading in digital goods based on NFT with somewhat speculative connotations, regardless of the observed value of the content provided,” but believes that the price of digital goods will eventually begin to reflect their “true value.” assessed value, and I hope they become as familiar as trading in physical goods. “

Matsuda notes that blockchain games “are built on the token economy and therefore have the potential to drive the game’s self-sustaining growth.”

“I see the concept of ‘play to make money’ that inspires people as a prime example of this,” he adds, although not many players seem to be particularly excited about the genre, the opposite is actually true.

Matsuda admits that there were doubts about these new trends. One of the arguments he put forward for their adoption is that the token economy will reward those who create user-generated content, “thereby leading not only to more consistency in their motivation, but also creating tangible benefits for their creative endeavors. “. He says the motivation behind sheer goodwill and volunteer spirit is “one of the reasons that there hasn’t been as much meaningful, game-changing user-generated content as one would expect.”

So, to summarize, Matsuda says that “the inclusion of decentralized games in our portfolio in addition to centralized games will be our main strategic theme starting in 2022”.

Matsuda’s letter appears to echo Ubisoft’s stance that the company is firmly adhering to its NFT / blockchain plans despite protests. There seems to be very, very little hype about the games for money that Matsuda talks about in his letter, and highlighting more lucrative incentives for content creators is an unconvincing argument at best. However, they are a good money-making scheme for the companies behind them. At the very least, the Take-Two director has made clear his anti-NFT sentiment.

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