The police stopped by the streamer after hearing him scream for help while playing Apex Legends.

What just happened? We’ve seen way too many stories in recent years of cops visiting/arresting streamers after being hit, but this one is a happier one. An Apex Legends player who was calling his teammates for help was visited by the police after they mistook his screams for distress cries, all caught on camera.

Twitch streamer Vuzby participated in an Apex Legends match that was getting quite tense, leading to him loudly calling for help from his teammates. Gaming ranting reports that someone heard the streamer’s pleas and alerted two local Canadian police officers who also heard Woozby’s screams.

Knocking on his window, the police tried to open the front door. Woozby’s girlfriend let them in and they went into the room where he was broadcasting the game. In the video, he is seen surprised to see the officer explaining that he did indeed yell for help, but that it was “for containment”.

The police officer takes it in good spirits, waves to the audience and notes that a cry for help on the net, being next to an open window, is likely to attract the attention of the authorities. “Hope you get a lot of views on your channel,” he added.

For many streamers, especially those who live in the US, the unexpected appearance of the police can mean they’ve been slammed – calling 911 to report a fake crime, for armed responders to storm the address. This recently happened to Twitch streamer Alexandra “Alliestrasza” McPherson, a well-known Hearthstone player and member of the esports organization Fade 2 Karma. During the incident, her entire family was in handcuffs. Fortunately, no one was physically hurt.

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