The Perfect Microwave Mod: Mechanical Keyboard Switches

WTF?! What is the longest time you kept an aging microwave oven? Have you ever wondered what it would be like if microwave buttons were more pleasant to press, but you can’t find one that doesn’t use cheap touch buttons? A Reddit user tried to fix both problems last week.

When 9-year-old microwave user gregschlom of Redditor had button problems, he decided replace them. You can’t just take microwave oven touchpad buttons off the shelf, so he opted for something better: the Kalih box’s black mechanical keyboard switches.

Gregschlom replaced the switches with buttons for 30-second cook, 1-minute cook, settings, and cancel. When someone shared a photo of Gregslom on Twitter, Kalich even took note.

Despite how nice it is to hit the switches, Gregschlom said his wife wants to replace the microwave, which they’ve had to fix four times over the years. In addition, they estimate that in a couple of years, the switches will begin to fail due to grease from under the stove right under it.

Manufacturers obviously won’t use expensive mechanical switches in things like a microwave oven (in my case, a dial is used), but this hack still suggests other possible uses besides a keyboard. Last September, Kalich helped Stack Overflow make the April Fool’s joke a reality by releasing a USB macropad with dedicated Stack Overflow branded keys.

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