The new Android Auto will adapt to any screen size with a split-screen interface.

In the context: Along with the announcement of a new smartphone, headphones and smartwatch at Google I/O 2022 this week, Google also confirmed major updates to its in-car infotainment software. Android Auto is getting a new interface designed to speed up access to the most popular features.

New Android Auto interface ready to arrive later this summer. Its biggest change is a new split-screen view that simultaneously displays windows for navigation, messaging, and audio control.

This will allow users to view the navigation map, manage their music or podcasts, and chat with contacts without having to switch between different apps. Google selected these three features for multitasking after reviews indicated they were the most popular. These windows can be rearranged to accommodate different screen orientations in different vehicles.

Google plans to expand this interface in the coming months. This may include contextual suggestions for messaging and selecting music to play.

Users will also be able to send the estimated arrival time of the navigation system to their contacts. The company hopes this will reduce the amount of time users spend looking at the infotainment system rather than the road.

Enabling video streaming apps is contrary to reducing distractions, but Google’s built-in infotainment system will soon allow them to be used while the car is parked. These include YouTube, Tubi, Epix Now, web browsers, and streaming content from phones.

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