the myth of the West about artificial intelligence and Musk against Apple

While the US and EU may disagree on how to regulate technology, their lawmakers seem to agree on one thing: the West needs to ban AI-based social scoring.

As they understand it, social evaluation is a practice in which authoritarian governments, especially in China, evaluate people’s trustworthiness and punish them for unwanted behavior, such as stealing or defaulting on loans. It is essentially a dystopian super-account assigned to every citizen.

Reality? While there have been some controversial local experiments with social credit scores in China, there is no nationwide all-seeing social credit system with algorithms that rank people.

The irony is that while American and European politicians are trying to ban systems that don’t really exist, there are already systems in the West that rank and punish people – and in the process, deprive people of their homes and jobs. Read the full story.

— Melissa Heikkila

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Required Reading

I scoured the internet to find the most hilarious/important/scary/exciting tech stories to date.

1 Apple reportedly threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store.
By Elon Musk. (New York Times $)
+ Musk threatened to “start a war” with the company after it decided to stop advertising on Twitter. (VP $)
+ Apple’s reluctance to advertise on Twitter right now isn’t entirely unique. (Motherboard)
+ Twitter’s child protection team in Asia has been decimated. (Wired $)

2 Another crypto firm went bankrupt
Lender BlockFi has filed for bankruptcy and is (partially) blaming FTX. (WSJ $)
+ The company is suing FTX founder Sam Bankman-Freed. (FT $)
+ It seems that such a dangerous “crypto-infection” is spreading. (New York Times $)

3 AI is rapidly becoming more powerful and dangerous
This is especially worrisome when his height is too big for security teams. (Voice)
+ Should AI systems come with security warnings? (MIT Technology Review)
+ This artificial intelligence chat game is gaining a legion of fans. (The keeper)

4 Pegasus spyware investigation could be compromised
Security experts warn that this is the target of a disinformation campaign. (The keeper)
+ Cyber ​​insurance will not protect you from theft of your data. (The keeper)

5 Google provided geofencing data to the FBI for investigation on January 6th.
Google identified more than 5,000 devices near the Capitol during the riots. (Wired $)

6 Monkeypox Isn’t Going Anywhere
But not growing. (Atlantic Ocean $)
+ The World Health Organization says it will now be known as mpox. (BBC)
+ Everything you need to know about monkeypox vaccines. (MIT Technology Review)

7 What It’s Like To Be The Unwitting Face Of A Romantic Scam
Paintings by James Scott Geras have been used to capture countless women. (Motherboard)

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