The latest Wyze commercial is a humorous mini-film about the dangers of suburban life.

For LOLz: On Tuesday, Wyze posted a two and a half minute promo for their new Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. As a rule, video intercom advertisements do not get our attention, unless they present something truly innovative. However, the humorous way of presenting its newest product, Wyze, earned it a spot on TechSpot’s found list.

The commercial, which looks more like a mini-movie, focuses on a quirky two-story American home. The narrator begins by telling the story that the porch is an American invention. His peaceful tone and calm scene, when the camera pans over the front porch of the house, belies the chaos that will soon come.

As the narrator continues his peaceful chatter, a neighbor’s child approaches the Wyze video intercom. He then continues to ring the bell several times, hiding his face in the camera. His machinations grab the homeowner’s attention, just as a child fires the camera and runs away with the owner in hot pursuit.

Hell starts from there, and Wyze manages to hit pretty much every suburban trail and memes in existence. Is the kid playing Ding Dong Ditch? Check. The postman brings the parcel to the doorstep? Check. An angry dog ​​attacking and biting the postman? Check. Are the angry neighborhood kids throwing eggs at the landlord? Check. A flaming paper bag of dog feces on the welcome mat? Check.

While all this madness is happening, the off-screen actor never breaks a rhythm like Morgan Freeman.

“Maybe it’s time for us to open the doors,” the narrator says as the landlord’s wife stomps on a flaming feces bag. “Because when the inside finally opens out, magic happens. And that’s what makes the American porch such a magical place. “

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